2015 VMCU U12 Trial Games

Next trial for 2015 VMCU Carnival will be held on Saturday 13th September at Frankston YCW Ground, Frank St, Frankston.

YCW have agreed to open rooms and also the canteen will be opened for drinks & snacks.

The trails will be two 20/20 games with games as follows:
Game 1 – Gold v Green commencing at 10 and concluding at 1pm.

Game 2 – Blue v Purple commencing at 1.30 and conclude at 4.30 between Blue v Purple.

Teams are attached and players are to wear Full cricket whites and bring own gear.

As this is a team event, if a player is not available can they please advise either Steve (Stella) Jackson on 0488 012 461 or Matt Lane on 0418 320 710

2015 VMCU U12 Trial Game Teams