The weather forecast for this weekend (December 18th/19th/20th) is expected to be hot and the following is a reminder to all Clubs regarding playing in such conditions:

In Advance

The Adverse Weather Committee will review conditions prior to each day’s play over the weekend and will inform Clubs should it be necessary to cancel matches.

If a decision is made to cancel play, an announcement will be made as follows:

– For Friday night & Saturday morning matches: Clubs will be informed by Friday midday

– For Saturday afternoon matches: Club will be informed at 10.00 am and it will be broadcast via the MPCA Cricket Radio Show

– For Sunday morning matches: Clubs will be informed by 5 pm Saturday

Match Day

Unless an announcement is made by MPCA, “all players are to report to grounds” and decisions regarding play shall be in the hands of:
1. The Umpires – under MPCA Rule 2 (b) where Laws of Cricket apply (Laws 3.8 & 3.9)

2. Captains (lower grades) –under MPCA Rule 2 (c) which applies where there is no Umpire residing.

No person is forced by MPCA to participate in any match and Clubs shall place no pressure on any participant if he/she considers withdrawing from any part of a match for health reasons.

Below is guidance for the management of conditions during matches:

  1. Whilst MPCA Rule 2 (c) is generally considered to relate to the fitness of the ground, weather and light for play to continue, it equally applies to extremes of conditions such as heat, cold, wind and lightning which may make continuation of play dangerous.
  2. Umpires/Captains are charged with the responsibility to manage conditions and as such they are the final arbiters as to the fitness of conditions to allow play to continue.
  3. When a period of extreme temperature is forecast, the following issues need to be considered by all participants when dealing with the heat:
  • The conditions at each venue are to be assessed on a case by case basis
  • Umpires/Captains (Lower Grades) and clubs are encouraged to arrange extra drinks breaks (every 4-5 overs if necessary) and unrestricted drinks around the boundary for bowlers and at the fall of a wicket for fielders to assist with hydration.
  • Umpires/ Captains (Lower grades) and clubs are also encouraged to “manage” the availability of the extra playing time available, e.g. the implementation of additional intervals.
  • Where possible, unrestricted interchange of substitute fielders shall be permitted. Umpires/Captains (Lower Grades) will be lenient in relation to Law of Cricket 2.5 (re fielder leaving the field for more than 15 minutes not being permitted to bowl immediately).
  • Where possible, Clubs are to provide extra shade areas for players & supporters.
  • Clubs are also take into considerations of heat conditions on elderly people & children, particularly, juniors who have played in the morning.
  1. The Umpires/Captains (Lower Grades) are required to do all within their power to facilitate play without compromising their responsibility in respect of “duty of care”. They are therefore required to balance all the factors and make a decision whether the conditions are fit for play. Any such decision by our Umpires/Captains in relation to extremes of temperature would be absolutely supported should it occur.