Saturday 8th Feb – Matches to Proceed

Weather Committee has reviewed conditions and determined all matches will proceed today.
Clubs are asked to pass on the following recommendations from Cricket Victoria for play today

The conditions at each venue are to be assessed on a case by case basis

  • Umpires and Clubs are encouraged to arrange extra drinks breaks (every 4-5 overs if necessary) and unrestricted drinks around the boundary for bowlers and at the fall of a wicket for fielders to assist with hydration.
  • Umpires and clubs are also encouraged to “manage” the availability of the extra playing time available (until 6.50pm), e.g. the implementation of additional intervals.
  • Where possible, unrestricted interchange of substitute fielders shall be permitted. Umpires will be lenient in relation to Law 2.5 (re fielder leaving the field for more than 15 minutes not being permitted to bowl immediately).

The Umpires and Captains are required to do all within their power to facilitate play without compromising their responsibility in respect of “duty of care”.