U14 Comp – Extreme Weather Sunday 2nd Feb

The Weather Bureau is forecasting 41 degrees for Melbourne and 37 degrees for Mornington Peninsula. The MPCA has reviewed these extreme weather conditions for the U14 Competitions taking into considerations other competition policies, such as VMCU where if the Temperature is forecast between 35 – 40 degrees the match overs are reduced.
The MPCA acknowledge that the temperature could vary considerable along the Peninsula, but it believes there needs to be a duty of care & fairness to all and, accordingly, all U14 matches have been revised for Round 8, both Sunday 2nd Feb & 8th Feb , as follows:
(a)    All matches to be 30 overs per side
(b)   Bowling restrictions to be maximum of 6 overs with restriction of 3 consecutive overs (Remember that all players must bowl at least 2 overs)
(c)    Batting restrictions remain unchanged
(d)   Games may commence at 8am on agreement of both managers.

The MPCA ask that all clubs ensure that they keep up the fluids to all players that drinks breaks be taken at least every 10 overs to avoid any issues of dehydration.

Any queries to be directed to General Manager MPCA