The MPCA Teams for Country Week, which is to be played in week Feb 17th to Feb 21st have now been submitted to VCCL as follows:
Provincial Division                                                               DIVISION 2
Daniel WARWICK (Baxter) – Capt                                      John FORREST (POB) – Capt
Bobby WILSON (Moorooduc) – VC                                     Spencer BYATT (Boneo)
Eivion BOWEN (POB)                                                         Matt DAVIE (Langwarrin)
Justin BRIDGEMAN (Long Island)                                      Lachlan DOBSON (Carrum)
Shaun FOSTER (Carrum)                                                   Jed FALCK (Sorrento)
Jackson FRY (Carrum)                                                        Sush GUPTA (Moorooduc)
Lyle HOUSE (Mt Eliza)                                                        Luke HEWITT (Hastings)
Dale IRVING (Baxter)                                                          Cam Macaulay (POB)
Wade PELZER (POB)                                                          Kristan MILLER (Heatherhill)
Scott PHILLIPS (Long Island)                                              Liam O’CONNOR (Sorrento)
Luke POPOV (Mornington)                                                  Dylan O’MALLEY (POB)
Andrew TWEEDLE (Long Island)                                         Aaron PAXTON (Long Isl)
Gareth WYATT (Main Ridge)                                               Leigh POHOLKE (Sorrento)

Team Manager: Darren Uccello                                            Team Manager: Paul Pelzer
Driver/Scorer: Roger Brearley                                                 Driver/Scorer: Ian Birch

The Board, Committees & Clubs wish both teams all the best for the Carnival.