MPCA COVID Update Jan 2021

MPCA COVID Update January 2021

The recent outbreaks in Victoria has shown that by following guidelines and restrictions in place any cases of COVID can be managed in a manner that avoids restrictions being reimposed that adversely impact our daily lives.  This outbreak shows that cases can spread far and wide from a single contact and can show up anywhere and at any time.  We can’t afford to be complacent because case numbers are low.

To play our part as the crick et community please find below an update/reminder regarding COVID requirements by all clubs and teams for our return to training and play this week.  The MPCA COVID Plan is attached if you wish to refresh your knowledge.  Don’t be the club or person that risks our whole competition by not following the guidelines!

  • QR CODES – Probably the single most important tool used to manage the current outbreak (the attendance records maintained by the restaurant, etc, enabled quick identification and quarantining)
    • The home club must ensure that all players, officials, parents, members and spectators sign in using the QR code or manually when in attendance at training or matches.
      • This includes all opposition players, officials, spectators and parents (reliance on teams sheet is not acceptable)
      • Any person in attendance at club facilities must sign in (this doesn’t include the person walking the dog on the opposite side of the ground, however, if they attend the facility to buy food/drink or watch they must sign in.
      • Utilise signage in high traffic or visibility areas to assist with compliance
    • All players must regularly sanitise their hands whilst training or in a match  (at least once at the half way mark of the innings)
    • The ball must be sanitised using a wipe/s at a minimum of once at the half way mark of each innings (20 overs for seniors)
    • High touch surfaces in and around the clubrooms, change rooms or other areas where groups gather need to be sanitised regularly
    • Only the umpire is to touch the stumps
    • The umpire does not touch the ball (but can having the fielding captain hold it to inspect it)
    • No person is to handle another person’s cap, glasses, jumper, etc.  They are to be placed behind the keeper, umpire or over the boundary by the owner of the items.
      • Don’t copy what you see in the Big Bash or international matches.  These players are in a bubble and not free to roam in the community like we are!
    • No sharing of food or drinks
    • COVID Stations set up
    • Hand Sanitiser accessible to all persons in attendance
    • Maintain social distancing of 1.5m
    • Place signage for indoor facilities up to indicate the maximum numbers in the various areas (changerooms, social rooms, bar, etc)
      • Enforce the maximum numbers
      • Maximum numbers are based on the government direction of 1 person per 2sqm if you use a QR code attendance system or 1 person per 4sqm if you do not use a QR code system.  Room capacity posters are available via this link – Room Capacity Poster
    • Social functions, dinners, etc, are permissible in compliance with Liquor licensing, room density and council requirements
    • MUST be worn indoors as per government restrictions reintroduced due to the recent outbreak unless eating or drinking.
      • Maintain social distancing when eating or drinking indoors
    • MUST be worn outdoors IF social distancing cannot be maintained


Any queries can be directed to the MPCA COVID Officer, Bob Hope.